MLM Resistance? MLM Ignorance?

In my last blog I mentioned that for some people, there may be resistance against Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). I briefly mentioned that a new breed of network marketers are leveraging on the social events and technology so that they can share with ease products or services that they truly love and endorse.

For some people, knowing in their heart of heart that the products can help others, they feel that it is not ethical not to share!

However, for many people, when they share and get rejected, they feel uncomfortable. That is when they stop sharing if there is no simple and easy ways for them to share.

The gift remain in their hands.


If you were to build a network marketing business successfully, you must understand why SOME people are resistant. Then, you can learn to accept their decision NOT to get involved at that point in time.


Why MLM Resistance?

Let’s focus on sharing the business opportunity that MLM provides. Are there not enough success cases, globally and across all walks of life, to inform others that getting to a decent income in 3-5 years is totally possible?

It is simple – many people resist change. Most people would prefer to stay in their own uncomfortable circumstances rather than making a leap forward to START the first step towards a better life. For many people, there is fear in the unknown (future).


It is therefore understandable that when we share information with others, some people are apprehensive.


A great social marketer is able to build rapport well so that the potential business partner is willing to put aside SOME time to evaluate if the MLM/Social  Retail business is for them.

That is, there is no resistance when we have the ‘know, like & trust’ factors. Potential business partners do their own due diligence and make an informed decision.

Yet,  there is more than that just ‘know, like & trust’!

With such a high failure rate in MLM, there is understandably skepticism when it comes to making a decision to do MLM.

A new person must be able to see that:

(1) It WORKS – that there is prove that money is to be made…. and that the income is passive and sustainable

(2) It is EASY TO DO – that they can learn to do and there are systems and steps clearly mapped out for them

(2) It is EASY TO DUPLICATE – that whatever the action steps are, it must be easy to implement and follow

Theft of intellectual property

Simple & Easy?

Is there anything like that?

Various internationally famous MLM leaders are now famous trainers! They have gone through what many network marketers have gone through. Many hated it when they themselves were struggling to build their empire at the beginning.

That is why those leaders are sharing with passion!

I’d love to share some of those tools and systems with you in my future posts.

MLM Ignorance No More!

It is my sincere hope that no-one is to be MLM-ignorant any more!

MLM is a proven business model for success – no question!

MLM is a minefield if you do not have a clear vision, business plan, mentor and plan of action – no question!

MLM is fun and rewarding when you do it the ethical and SIMPLE & EASY professional way – no question!

Informed Decision

If you are not happy with where you are in life, check out if MLM/Social Marketing might be something for you. Make an informed decision. It is YOUR future!

You can be MLM-resistant initially. Please do not remain MLM-ignorant.

If you wish to find out more about how this MLM or Social Retail model can benefit you, feel free to get in touch with me directly.

Please share this post if you feel that it is worthwhile to do so!

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