MLM Sponsoring Secret – the ‘Gentle Take-Away’

Welcome to another MLM Sponsoring Secrets Session! In the Network Marketing industry, Jeffrey Combs is a world-renowned trainer in Network Marketing and Direct Sales. He is known as a ‘Prospecting Machine’ for a good reason!

Effective Prospecting

Jeffrey is absolutely clear about the goal in prospecting – to present information to the RIGHT prospects. The ultimate goal for a serious and professional network marketer is to get to the ‘Yes’  or ‘No’ decision efficiently. The role of a professional network marketer is to assist the prospect in gathering enough information. He or she can then make an intelligent decision about their future. Jeffrey understands very well that with enough ‘No’s, there is a ‘Yes’. The novice network marketers often miss the signs of a subtle ‘No’ and keep chasing the WRONG prospects. I was in that situation for a long time!

He is highly skilled in distinguishing whether the prospect is serious or just curious. His Psycholgy of Prospecting  CD set contains a lot of value that Jeffrey put together after his years of struggling in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry. He got good at prospecting by making numerous mistakes. We are lucky to be able to learn from his challenging journey!

For example, when a propsect says “Gee, this sounds good BUT it sound too good to be true!”, this is a typical sign of a skptical prospect.

One of Jeffrey’s favourite way of replying is, “I don’t know about you but this works well for me. When are you ready to change the quality of your life from the comfort of your home?”

Another example:

Prospect: Is this MLM?

Jeffrey’s typical reply would be “Absolutely! Have you ever been successful in the industry?”

Propsect: No, I tried those things before but it didn’t work.

Professional  response: Great! Are you open to changing the qualify of your life? Or, are your thoughts shut down on starting a business from the comfort of your home?

THEN, SILENCE and listen!

‘The Gentle Take-Away’

Amongst many of Jeffrey’s skills is one called ‘The Gentle Take-Away’. He has developed the skill to identify if the prospect is asking ‘Why should I join you?’ or ‘How can I get started?‘.

During prospecting, all kinds of interesting remarks may come up. Jeffrey has perfected ways in handling them. He realizes that time is precious. He is good at disqualifying those who do not qualify for his time. He uses a skill called the ‘Gentle Take Away’.

Here are some of the ‘gentle take-away’ replies to our propsects’ excuses:

Example 1:

Prospect: Gee, this sounds good but I need to think about it.

Professional response:  Great! Why?

Prospect: Well…. I don’t make these kind of decisions overnight and I want to…..(talk to my wife/spouse, do research, etc)

Professional response: Great! When you have made an intelligent decsion, give me a call.

Example 2:

Prsospect: This seems great but I have no time for this.

Professional response: You’re absolutely correct. THEN, SILENCE.

Prospect: What do you mean?

Professional response: You have spoken into your existence . With that in mind, I will have to let you go. Here is my card. Give me a call when you are ready to change the quality of your life. Bye.

THEN, SILENCE  (count 1, 2, 3).

(NOTE: If the prospect does not respond, the timing is just not right.)

Example 3:

Prospect: Why do I have to invest in this business?

Professional response:No, you don’t.  You know what? Network Marketing is not for every one. It seems like the timing is not right for you. Here is my card. When you are ready to change the quality of your life, give me a call. You have a great day.

(NOTE: There is absolutely no need to be argumentative or disappointed. What Jeffrey calls “The Flat Line Effect” will keep your focus on serving others who are ready for a change.)

Take-Away Experience ?

Have you ever applied the “The Gentle Take-Away” strategy in your prospecting?

Have you done something similar?

Have you any other high efficiency prospecting tips to share?

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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