MLM Success Checklist Part II – Communicating & Marketing Well

Good day! This is my Aussie greeting to you as we step into February in 2102!

Today we will be talking about Communicating  AND Marketing well.

These are the  skills that determines HOW FAST we can succeed when we have the right mindset and Correct Roadmap to follow.


I am not a communication expert and would not be teaching you the  specific communication skills here.

However, I have picked up some clues due to the mistakes that I have made. I would like to present the information from negative angles so that you can appreciate the effectiveness in communicating well.

Scenario One:   WRONG FOCUS – on presenting what I felt to be fantastic (my past experience)

Outcome:  People who do not resonate with my values and viewpoints find me annoying.

The Truth: Most people are interested in themselves!

My Suggestion: Have a 100% Focus on ‘helping the other person’ mindset AND paying  full

attention to what the TRUE meaning in what people say. Asking question helps.


Scenario Two:  NOT GETTING THE  EMOTIONAL MESSAGE from the potential business partner

For example, not knowing WHY they want more time or money

— Too painful for a stay-at-home mum to leave the children at childcare centre?

— Too stressful for a professional to stay in his career path, harming the family relationship?

—  Too little time to spend the time with families and loved ones?

—  Too unbearable to having to worry about not having enough to get by?

—  Got enough money now but too worried about not having enough for a decent retired life?….

Outcome: NOT knowing what truly motivates YOUR potential business partner to take ACTION.

The Truth: We need to build enough rapport so that we are having a honest dialogue.

We also need to learn to “listen” to the silent language (body language) and ask the right


My Suggestions:

1.  Learn to master how to communicate well with people from different

personality types.  I find training materials from Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark brilliant. Check out his site here:

2. Learn effective communicating skills – Tim Sales and Michael Oliver are my favourite

mentors ( and  respectively).


Scenario Three:  

THE NEED TO BE RIGHT – unable to accept that other people can have different viewpoints or

values in life. Worse still, wanting to IMPOSE our own way of thinking by using argumentative

communication style.

Outcome:  Impacts negatively on our relationship with other. This price is too high when we are

sharing wonderful products or services to our loved ones!

The Truth:  Values and viewpoints are not easy to change. We can rarely succeed in convincing

others. Even if we do, the effect is not going to last if there is no deep emotional reason

for the change.

My suggestion:

Asking question may help others to understand more, and possibly, change their

viewpoint (if we feel that they may not be making their choices based on informed

knowledge).  However, when others do stick to their original ideas, DO NOT argue.

RESPECT people’s own decisions according to their own values and priorities.

 Inspire rather than Inform can be more helpful.



You have probably picked up that by communicating better, we can market better.

I am aware that many of you may be focusing on Internet Marketing and believe that the ‘system’ or ‘tool’ will market FOR us.

The Truth:   Network Marketing IS a People Business.  Marketing systems or tools cannot do all the work for us! People pick and choose whom to follow.

My Suggestion:  Building trust and great relationships + Genuinely care about helping others.

When people are presented with the same business opportunity or generic tools, they will

choose leaders with integrity, skills and Leadership.


I’d love to hear what works best for you?

Or, you would like to share a negative experience so that others can avoid the pitfall?


To Your Successful Business Building,

Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach


Queen of Hearts

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