MLM Success Mindset – Insights Learned from Lisa Kitter Combs

Hello, great to have you back here for another MLM Success Tips session. This time, I am going to talk about MLM Success Mindset that I learned from Lisa. I am going to share with you some of her brilliant analogies to assist you in your Success Journey.

Success & Mindset

You may have heard a lot about this topic already! Why do I still want to cover this? Simple. I believe Lisa has real talent in conveying this crucial message across!

Would you agree that the result in our future is due to the action that we take today?

Many people start their Network Marketing business with a big dream. Would a million dollar cheque appear at your door step magically without you DOING any work?

Very unlikely, isn’t it?

This is why mindset matters. According to Lisa, we better work 80-90% harder on our mindset than on the technical know-how or other external factors!

When we are onto our Network Marketing journey, there are challenges! When we face challenges, our thought at that very moment will determine our action. Do we CHOOSE to make excuses? Or, to make money? The choice is always ours!

Lisa’s ‘High Road’ or ‘Low Road’ Options

The ‘High Road’ that Lisa talks about is the challenged path – the ‘make it happen road’ of no turning back!

The ‘Low Road’ is the easy road, the comfortable one – one that does not bring us closer to our goals and dreams.

Real Life Scenario (for a network marketer who is having a full time job):

Lisa uses a typical thought pattern in many people’s mind to explain why network marketers are NOT taking the action that they know that they need to take.

There are distractions and excuses!

Monday’s thought process: I am tired and have had a rough day, I deserve to sit here and watch TV.

Tuesday’s thought process: It is only Tuesday, I can always do more on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s thought process: There are other things needed to be done (eg flat tyre)… I can always get back to building my entreprise tomorrow.

Thursday’s tought process: I am really tired. I am just not in the mood of doing anything. I have been working so hard during the week, I deserve to take a day off!

Friday’s thought process: Hey, it is Friday! I am going to prepare for Saturday and Sunday off. When Monday comes, I can always start afresh!

This similar thought patterm repeats OVER & OVER again!

We need a strategy to strength our Beliefs and BREAK that pattern!

Training for the Marathon Analogy

Lisa’s great analogy: Think about running your Network Marketing entreprise simliar to preparing for a Marathon.

Will you eat properly?

Will you be running further and further every day?

Will you be doing whatever it takes (The ‘High Road’)?

Your mindset – you know exactly why you are doing what you do!

Your thought is focused on the incredible feeling when you win the marathon!

Your MLM Success Path

You must always CHOOSE to take the ‘High Road’ – face the challenges and do the daily activities required for moving forward.

Work on strengthening your beliefs by tapping into personal development audios ans books, attending live seminars and webinars, associating with supportive leaders, etc.


Your mentality must NOT be one of an employee. In the beginning, your 10, 15 or 20 hours a week extra effort that you put in will definitely not bring the results as you would have got from a job. Be consistent. Have absolute belief. Stay in the journey. Before long, you will see the power of leverage kicking in. You will see that your time and energy invested is now giving you 100 folds or even 200 folds of results!

You may be asking – HOW can I possibly stay in the journey when the initial result is not that promising?

Here is another of Lisa’s great analogy!

Have you ever tried to push a car up the road? The first push is always the hardest! It is very hard, Very challenging. Very difficult. Once you have the car moving, it becomes much easier. Before you know it, it becomes effortless!

If you are new to the industry, this may be something that is too hard for you to imagine! Doing network marketing effortless? Absolutely this is possible!

Lisa’s best advice to you: WORK on your beliefs, faith, attitude, mindset and conviction!

Final Tips from Lisa

Trust the process. Allow your Success Path be devinely guided by your intuition.

When your energy is high, you will be attracting positive results.

To go up the ‘Success Mountain’ – it is the internal thought that matters most!

Sharing Your Insights

What strategies have you applied to help you achieve success?

What excuses have you had in the past? How did you overcome the challenges?

I’d love to hear your thought.

I look forward to sharing with you some of Lisa’s PRACTICAL tips for strengthening our beliefs. Stay tuned for my next post!

Viola Tam


Queen of Hearts

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