MLM Success Tips – More Insights I Learned from Tim Sales

In my last post, I have briefly introduced the great MLM trainer Tim Sales and some of his excellent tools. If you have missed that post, you can click here.

Today, I am going to write a short post on Tim’s idea on enrolling someone into his organization. He states that when Network Marketing is done ethically, we should not be enrolling another person into our team if the products or services that we are promoting cannot benefit others. Put simply, no-one should be ‘closed’ into any sales unless there is a fit between what we can offer and what the prospect is looking for.

The Correct Mindset

According to Tim, the correct mindset in prospecting should be focusing on answering ONE SINGLE question

Is our products or service going to make the prospect’s life easier?

Tim’s way of prospecting is ridiculously simple.

“Greet & Qualify” everywhere. It does not really matter where we go, connect with another person and find out if there is any need for our Network Marketing products or opportunity.

As there is just this one simple goal in mind, there is 100 percent focus on our prospects. No agenda. Just the conversational exploration of the prospects circumstances. This can be done professionally and skillfully. I strongly recommend Tim’s Brilliant Communicator CD set. It covers even the very minor details that some of your new team member may have overlooked. Tim left no stones un-turned.

When the answer to the above question is ‘yes’, Tim would then invite the prospect to a presentation.

When the answer to that question is ‘No’, Tim would not even invite the prospect to move forward (in his Inviting Formula).

Peace-of-mind Connecting

You can probably see how this ‘Greet & Qualify’ step is so stress-free that new team members would love to embrace it.

Now, compare with the more intrusive way of connecting with others with the agenda of enrolling them into the network marketing. We may have to put on a fake smile or a mask when communicating.

Which approach do you think will be easier to do?

As long as our focus is 100 percent on our prospects, we simply cannot mess thing up!

This ‘Greet & Qualify” approach to prospecting is one that I have been using.

Yes, I am enjoying every bit of this peace-of-mind process.

Qualifying is the Key!

Adopting Tim’s way of connecting with others, those who do not qualify our next step do NOT even know that we are ‘prospecting’ them!

How cool is this wonderful and professional approach?

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Viola Tam

Your> MLM Success Coach

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