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This month marks my 10th year involvement with the Network Marketing industry. I want to share some of my personal insights so as to help others to reach their goals in a less zig-zag manner.

The following is one of the key concepts that I’d like to share – Network Marketing is about helping others!

Recommending & Promoting Products/Services that We Love

Those who know my story understand that I did not choose to join my Network Marketing company.  Friendship and fate led me to a naturopath who subsequently helped my daughter to re-gain her health.  You can probably imagine how ‘cruel’ it would be for me not to share this knowledge with other people.

Better way

Over the following years, I have heard many amazing stories told by other distributors. One that I remembered vividly was about a single mum sharing how so many of her children had health challenges when they were young. She herself also had on-going health problems. Tracing back, it was suspected that the health issues could be related to the fact that she was brought up in a farm. 

When she shared her ‘No health. No Life. No Future’ story with others, many were touched and inspired to do more. She is now an amazing leader who continues to inspire others to take control of their own health. With her dedicated actions, she has built a successful network of consumers or business builders for the company. 

‘Transfer Buy’ is what satisfied customers do. 

For me and many others distributor who love their products, doing business is simple.  We ‘transfer buy’.

It means literally that we change brand names. At that point in time, my husband and I were starting to use a famous brand of nutritional supplements. Rather than buying those from the stores, we simply shifted to ‘our own products’ because, as distributors, we can buy our products at wholesale costs.  As our company has a very broad range of consumable products, it is really easy for us to shift brand. 

You may be wondering why were we so open to changing brands.

Here is the answer: It is a PROCESS.

What kids hear

As I returned from our monthly information meetings, I was often armed with more product knowledge and/or testimonials. Real people telling their own stories. I can totally understand that these people just want to tell a lot of people about the benefits they have experienced!

The ‘Secret’ to Network Marketing Success – Love the Products or Services

What if you do NOT have personal stories to share?

Start with using the products and feel the benefits!

When you experience the benefits, share.

If you do not get any benefits, why should you be promoting the products or services in the first place?

Skeptics’ View About Testimonials

For the small group of skeptical people, they may not rely on just testimonials. They research. They analyze.


In the early days of my Network Marketing journey, I would do my very best to pass on relevant information to my friends, hoping that I could convince them that the products that I recommended were scientifically researched and might be able to deliver good results for them too. 

As friends or relatives, this is what we normally do when we hear about others’ challenges.  Sadly, this rarely works except for a few of the very trusted friends or relatives.

I have since learned that others have different values and priorities in life. We share information FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO WANT MORE INFORMATION. For those who do not wish to know more, timing is just not right for them. Respecting them means that we do NOT argue, beg, convince or defend. This is our lesson number one for a new distributor – No “ABCD”

Absolute Product Lovers

At the other end of the spectrum, there are people who are keen to try new products. As they love their products and expand into more products, they create more personal testimonial;s. Theoretically, this sounds good.

Yet, for these absolute product lovers, there is a catch!!

When they share from the heart, the skeptics do not believe them. The cynical ones say that they create stories in order to make a profit. For most people, they do not wished to be perceived as a sales person. Despite their passion for the products (and, sometimes, the business opportunity as well), many choose to quit.

For these people who absolutely love their products, many of them turned into ‘quiet customers’ who continue to enjoy the benefits of the products but CHOOSE NOT TO SHARE with others. Really sad. 

Zipper on mouth

Can you imagine my sponsor not sharing with me what she knew then about an alternative health solution for my daughter?

I just cannot imagine how I could possibly keep quiet about my daughter’s healing story!

Effective Marketing for Product Lovers

The GOOD NEWS is that product lovers who are willing to learn a few key skills can market the products effectively.

This is a journey that I have gone through!

There are many more people like me who EVENTUALLY figured out that there are more effective ways to share.

It is this group of loyal customers that makes this Network Marketing business model so powerful. Each distributor diligently does his or her own part.

The end result?

More and more people getting to really know the products and what the products can do for them.

More and more people also are exposed to this alternative business model that can help families to create an extra stream of income.

Business woman without head holding alarm clock. Freelance work

A Win-Win-Win situation:

(a) Network Marketers get paid in helping others with solving their problems – health, finances or other aspects.

(b) The customer are happy as they get the products they love. They can, if they so wish, learn some basic skills and earn some extra ‘referral money’ or serious income.

(c) The Network Marketing company is not paying  commissions unless products are moved.

How Can Anyone Benefit From This Alternative Business Model?

The above is a brief idea of how someone who love the products can do network marketing from a product-focused approach. Specific skills needed to be mastered in order that we can share effectively.

You can also introduce others through  the ‘Business Door’.  That is, you may be someone who have done your due diligence and decided to choose to promote the product range of a particular network marketing company. You too need to master some basic skills so as to share your ideas effectively with others.

Stay tuned for my next post.

Until then, do you have a success story to share?

Please share so that others can also take advantage of this powerful alternative business model.

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