Network Marketing Success Tips: Brian Tracy (2)

In my last blog, I have listed the 12 great success leaders to focus on in this year’s blogging.

I started with Brian Tracy’s Success is Predictable video clip. I believe this is an important message that ALL entrepreneurs need to know. In Network Marketing, very often the start up cost for running the business is very low. Many network marketers tend to give up far too soon in their Journey to their Network Marketing Success. Brian’s message is EMPOWERING in that whatever stages are we at now, we can ALL arrive there! It is just a matter of WHEN!

The importnat question isWHICH FACTORS are crucial for my NOT leaving the Success Journey too soon?

Here is the message from Brian (Can you recognise him when he was a lot younger?):


Brian has highlighted so many important points in such a short video! His message about having clarity seems to be a no-brainer. Yet, it is the number 1 thing that we need to know. I agree with Brian that many people simply drifted in life, ending up not knowing what they truly want in life. How can we reach our goals if we do not even know WHERE are we heading?

Clarity – What Did I Want?

At the end of 2008 when I finished my 4-year Social Work Degree as a mature age student, I asked myself if I would want a Social Work job or to focus on my Network Marketing Business that I bumped into in late 2003.  After weighing a number of factors, I chose to go down the path as an entrepreneur. The main reasons include:  the idea of working flexible hours on something that I LOVE doing, the fact that network marketing involves a lot of personal development and empowerment… the idea of “doing social work my way’  is THE FUEL that keeps me going.

Unshakable Belief in “Success is a Journey”

Brian’s core message that have impacted most on my journey is: study what the successful people do and do the same. Since 2009, I entered another stage of DOING more networking. Yet, I failed to follow EXACTLY what successful netwwork marketers do. I had my focus too much on connecting with others, helping others, finding out about their needs but not so effective in marketing and time management.

Attraction Marketing Model

It was not until early 2011 that I realized the power of the internet in connecting with people from a much wider community (Facebook). My focus has shifted to learning how to network online, losing sight of the need to market!  I did not study what successful internet network marketers do online! I was neglecting a HUGE part of the network marketing game! I did not know how to MARKET. Eventually, I learned about the idea of Attraction Marketing . I am proud to say that I am now following the footsteps of successful internet network marketers.

Apart from the technical obstacles that I have encountered, I am enjoying my “hard and necessary‘ path as described by Brian.

Encouraging Message & Success Blueprints

Brian’s message about Success is Predictable is such an encouraging message that keeps me focused. It keeps my goals and vision clearly in sight as I keep learning and doing the steps necessary for success.

Many successful network marketers have generously shared their Success Blueprints.

It is up to us to DECIDE if we would like to follow what successful peope advise us to do.  I do hope that Brian’s key message that Success is Predictable will stay with you until you arrive at your goal.

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