Official Result – Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest 2012

Dear friends,

Some of you may have noticed the buzz that had happened in the Network Marketing Blogging World earlier this month. The contest ended on 21 December and the official result was announced on 23 December. A HUGE thank you to George Fourie, the founder of this amazing event. Big thank you also goes to the sponsor, MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP) and the sponsors for various gifts. You can see the full list of contributors here.

The Champion!

The winner for this year’s contest is Cesar L. Rodriguez, a Direct Sales & MLM Veteran who was famous for his ‘hard hitting no-nonsense no-fluff content delivery style’. His journey from a bloke college kid to a self-made MLM leader is truly inspiring. I look forward to learning more from this trainer who is also known for his jokes! You can click here to his blog and find out more about him.

Other Great MLM Leaders

Second place goes to  Jane Orlov

Here is her biography: Russian born, used to feel like unworthy, stupid, overweight housewife with no purpose, then transformed into self-confident, fast growing internet/network marketer, hanging with LEADERS … “Hot chick – Russian Firecracker” with BIG goals….All that using videos as a medium plus some marketing tricks! I can help you do the same. Connect with Jane’s blog from here.

Third place goes to Mavis Nong

Many of you may have already heard of her about her great achievements in the MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP) community or at the Better Networkers site!

Here is her biography: Mavis Nong created her blog to help others build successful businesses online. She shares fundamental, effective and cutting-edge strategies and tips they can implement right away to grow their businesses. She also shares mind-blowing blogging tips to help others build amazing and money making blogs fast! Mavis went from knowing nothing about blogging to becoming a highly sought after blogging expert, raking in the cash using her very own blog, in less than 8 months.

I am grateful for Mavis’ generous sharing of success tips in her blog. Connect with her here. I am also very happy with the recent upgrade of my new blog. I highly recommend her service to others!

Other Quality Blogs

I have come across many quality blogs from many other serious MLM bloggers. Check out the full list of the Top 50 here! Make sure that you have book marked this page for future reference!


Were you one of your the contestants? If yes, what have you learned from this experience?

If you have not heard about this contest, would you like to leave your thoughts and comment?

Feel free to check out my after-contest thoughts in my next post if you like. Click here for that post.

Queen of Hearts

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