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Hello, welcome back to the fun series about Network Marketing success for stay-at-home mums! Please read on even though you are not a stay-at-home mum. The ideas and knowledge that I am sharing apply to everyone.

First of all, I am not a Mindset Strategist. I am certainly not an expert either. However, I do know the power of my sharing. All stay-at-home mums have the right to know the truth.

Very often, stay-at-home mums, especially those who have been parenting for a L-O-N-G while, tend to underestimate their ability. To start a business, traditionally, we need CAPITAL and COURAGE the most. Would you agree?

Let’s examine this. In a married couple scenario, there is typically only one single source of income. In today’s economy, living in the city is expensive.  Giving the children ahead start in life experiences is expensive. Even higher education s expensive in Australia! Most stay-at-home mums are not likely to have the start up capital for a business.

The good news is, there are some businesses that do not require a lot to start up. Typically, these are online options. No staff. No rent. No stock.

The great news is, Network Marketing is one of the many options. And…. it does not have to be online either.

Even though there are numerous network marketing,  affiliate marketing, eBay business success stories,  many stay-at-home mums still decide NOT to get started because they lack the COURAGE to do so.

A Helpful Question to Ask is:

What Do I have to Lose?

Now, let’s look at COURAGE. This is where mindset matters.

For example, for a stay-at-home mum who is considering doing Network Marketing as a means to add another income to the family, here are two different outcomes:

(A) Believers – they have done their research AND understand that Network Marketing is a legitimate business model for moving products or services.

Prosperity Mindset – If Mary who is a single mum with three young children can make it work, I surely can too.

Poverty Mindset – Yes, I know that Mary have been doing well in Network Marketing for the past couples of years. Yet, I am not sure if I am as good as her. She has a warmer personality. She has many more friends and relatives. She is more organised….(the list goes on forever!)

What's In Your Way Roadblock Barricade SIgn

(B) Non-Believers – They do NOT believe that Network Marketing is one of the best marketing model on earth. They mistakenly believe that doing Network Marketing equates to running a business illegally.

Prosperity Mindset –

It is interesting how so many people are saying that Network Marketing is a legitimate business model. Could it be that I have been misguided and therefore limiting my choices?

Poverty Mindset- 

Even if Network Marketing is a legitimate business model, I am not sure if I am smart enough to learn the skills required.

Helpful tips: Have there any success stories from someone of similar backgrounds?

Business problems and support

There are so many competitive products in the market, I am not sure if the products that I will be promoting are competitive enough?

Helpful tips: Have other distributors in the SAME company, promoting the same products, been successful?

Mindset Does Matter!

I believe you can see where I am heading.

Success is a MINDSET, my friend.

Once a decision is made, a specific plan can then be designed.

If you have not already done so, I encourage to fill in your name and email address on the right hand side of this site. You can get a copy of my eBook “Navigating the Network Marketing Maze’. I am also giving away an electronic copy of Nepoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich”.

I trust that my offer can assist you to embark on a journey of positive change.

Sharing Time

What are your thoughts on the issue of Prosperity Mindset?

Have you fallen victim to Poverty Mindset? If so, What have been helpful for you to make the shift to the other side of a brighter world?

Your sharing on other social media platform is appreciated.  Please leave your thoughts and comments below for sharing as well. Thanks!

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