Selling? Sharing? Serving?

Welcome back! I’d like to start with Michael Oliver’s quote:

“Selling is the art of solving problems through patiently asking questions and listening.”

The True Meaning of Selling

The essence of Selling using the Natural Selling approach is that we learn the skills to start a meaningful conversation with others, find out the other person’s reality and see if there is a problem in their life. If there is a challenge in that person’s life, do we have the potential solution to help?

When we offer something (products or business opportunity) that can truly help the other person’s problems, we are actually providing with a SOLUTION.

For example, someone you know has severe joint pain that has been comprising his quality of life for many years. You have heard many great testimonials about how the product that you are promoting has helped others to get rid of the pain. Do you not want to share this information? Say, your friend would like to try the product. The manufacturing company is using Network Marketing as its distribution channel. That is, your friend cannnot get the product from the shops or supermarket! Naturally he  would get the product through YOU because you shared with him the benefits of using that product and probably directed him to some health information.

Do we call this SELLING to your friends?

Is it not more appropiate to call it SHARING with your friends?

What about another grand idea – SERVING others?

Selling From The Soul

Michael training helps to put this selling concept into perspective!

Once the new distributors understands that selling using the Natural Selling method means the most respectful and honourable to find out if there is problem that they can help to solve, the whole process becomes meaningful. As Michael puts it, it is “Selling From The Soul” – Ancient Wisdom. Modern Practice.

There are four principles that form that foundation of the Natural Selling Process:

1)  Helping other people solve their problems.

2)  Listening to what is being meant, not just what is being said.

3)  Asking the right Questions at the right time.

4) Feeding back what you think you herad they want.

Heart-to-Heart Communication

In Natural Selling, we communicate heart-to-heart using dialogue.

There are 5 stages of a Conversation Framework:

1)  Connecting

2)  Discovering and Listening

3)  Transitioning

4) Presenting

5) Committing and Supporting.

I am not going to teach you how to use this framework. You can check out his website here. All I can share is that once you put Michael’s teaching into practice, you will have a GOOD outcome ALL the time!


Relationship is the king in Network Marketing!

No matter which is the outcome, you will always end up with a great relationship with the other person (Michael likes to call them ‘potential partner’ rather than labelling them as ‘prospects’).

Here are some possible outcomes:

1)  No need for your services or opportunity – You have NOT lost any sale as there was no sales to be made in the first place!

2)  There is need BUT the potential partner is NOT ready for any change – we respect their decision but will follow up when the circumstances change

3)  There is need AND the potential partner is READY for change – see if our products/services or business opportunity match their need.

It is important to note that in Natural Selling, if what we have to offer does not suit what our potential partner needs, we do NOT go on to ‘close’ the sale!

This is Professionalism in Network Marketing.

No Anxiety in Natural Selling

As you can probably picked up, selling comes as a natural progression of a meaningful dialogue!  There si absolutely no objection! We simply would not be offering a potential solution is there is no need in the first place. We would not offer a solution when the potential partner is not ready either.

To conclude, I’d liketo quote Michael Oliver again:

“When I focus on me. I increase my anxiety.

When I focus on you, I decrease my anxiety!”

Your Thoughts?

Some of you may be using Michael Oliver’s Natural Selling to connect with your potential partners. Any insights for sharing?

If you have not heard about this way of ‘selling’, how do you see yourself using such an ethical way of communication?

Focusing on the OTHER person is a key part of the process. Have you had a habit of focusing on others too?

I’d love to hear your comments 🙂

Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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