Stay-at-Home Mums in MLM – Money & Beyond

Welcome everyone! It has been a while since I posted my last blog as I was spending time on my book project.  I am now getting back to the habit of blogging again!

Although Networking Marketing is an awesome industry that pretty much anyone can succeed, my passion is in helping  stay-at-home mums to realize its true power!

If you are not a stay-at-home mum, I urge you to stay on if you are already in Network Marketing. I trust that what I share here can help you tap into this goldmine that so few are aware of.

If you are not a stay-at-home mum, nor are you in Network Marketing, this can help you if you wish to explore into the potential of this amazing profession.

Stay-at-Home Mums Want More Money?

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For some stay-at-home mums, this is often the case.  As I mentioned some time ago, having just one source of income is risky when unexpected drama happen!

For other stay-at-home mums, money may not be the immediate concern for them. They live a comfortable life and are reasonably happy with their lifestyle. Money is not the motivation for them to consider promoting your products. 

What then motivates this group of comfortable stay-at-home mums?

Here are a few of the most common beyond the money reasons why a stay-at-home mum may wish to join your Network Marketing organization:


They genuinely want to help others in getting healthier, losing weight, fixing the children’s challenging behaviour through nutrition and lifestyle changes, etc

I have witnessed network marketing leaders growing their organization steadily simply because they share within their community groups sharing the benefits of the products. It works beautifully.

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They want to be associated with a company whose mission and vision align with their own values.

In my company, it is about avoiding potentially harmful ingredients that could compromise health and the environment. 

It is also about educating citizens about the importance of giving back the best nutritional support to our body – for normal daily function as well as for prevention against diseases.


They want to be around uplifting positive people and leaders and become the best of who they are.

weg in die zukunft

For some stay-at-home mums who may feel isolated in one way or another, the friendship developed is priceless. The Personal Development that is available in most good team systems can assist them to become better parents.

Their own educational process becomes an invaluable education for their own kids!


They love being recognised for their efforts and achievements.

Very often then not, what stay-at-home mums contribute to the family and society is greatly undermined by a society that is focused on economic development. Company and/or team recognition allow them to reclaim their greatness through smaller successes.

These leaders, in turn, recognise the greatness and contribution of other team members, no matter how small the contributions.

Money & Stress & Hope

Although money cannot buy everyone, it does play an important role in life.

I do not believe that I need to convince you about the negative consequences of not having enough money to get by!

Portrait of poverty,

If you are in this unfortunate category, there is hope!

Network Marketing is a vehicle that has the capacity to turn your life upside down, in a nice way.

Do your own research on this profession, choose a decent company with fantastic products/services, find a mentor that is able and willing to help you. Tab into the mentor’s existing proven system and go.

Start Living is possible if we do not allow the past to interfere with the present.

Over to You

Did you come into Network Marketing because of any of those reasons that I mentioned?

How has the Network Marketing journey impacting on your family relationships with your children or spouse?

Have you got other insights or personal stories to share?

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