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In my last post, I have covered some common reasons that why a stay-at-home mum may want to do Network Marketing. If you have missed that post, you can check it out here.

Today, the topic is around time. Most people, when they have finished work, would like to have some leisure activities.

For most employees, this means working 5 or 6 days a week and then getting a day or two off work. That is when they spend their precious time with their family and friends.

For small business owners, unfortunately, some may choose to constantly go back to their computer and some other easily accessible gadgets to monitor their businesses. For many business owners, they do not even have the time to consider doing things a little bit differently – for a different (and better) lifestyle.

What about the stay-at-home wives of these two categories?

For those stay-at-home mums with young children, some may be too caught up in the day-to-day routine that they are dragged into this never ending pattern of home duties.

Young sleeping woman and alarm clock in bedroom at home.

Ask them if that is there ideal lifestyle, most would say ‘No’.  Why?

Category A Stay-at-Home Mums – The Willing Group

They are the mums who choose to be home with their kids. Some are more fortunate than others. For some, they can outsource other household tasks to cleaners, ironing lady, cook, etc. so that they can fully focus on taking care of their own children. 

For many mums in this category, they would love to outsource but cannot afford that. 

Network Marketing is the perfect vehicles for mums who would like to start building an extra income stream. Over time, they afford to outsource. What is the biggest reward? Time.

With more time, they can spend more quality time with their children – be with them for relaxed conversation, enjoy Mother Nature more, play more, go to excursion trips, etc

With consistent efforts, they can continue to build their home-based Network Marketing business and have more quality time.

Family having fun on tropical beach

Category B Stay-at-Home Mums – The Reluctant Group

They are the stay-at-home mums who do not feel that they do not really belong to the kitchen. They are typically mothers who have had a successful career and decided to be home for the sake of providing the kids the best childhood experience.

In the past, it may not be possible for a stay-at-home mum to have a career whilst they are home with the kids.

Fast track to today’s society, there is hope for this reluctant group. They do NOT have to be ‘just’ a stay-at-home mum any more!

Again, Network Marketing is the perfect vehicles for mums who would like to start building an extra income stream. All they have to do is to make good use of their people skill, communication skill, time management skill and leadership skill to share products or services that they love. Click here to find out how I literally fell into my own business!

The idea of ‘Transfer Buy’ is not a new one. Rather than purchasing products or services from other shops, how about shopping at your own shop?

Better way

Guess what? You do not need to invest lots of money to get started. Typically, you can get started with a Network Marketing business for less than $500.

Stay-at-Home Dads

What I have shared here applies to men as well.

If you are an employee, ask yourself if you are honestly happy with your lifestyle. Have you ever considered owning your own home-based business and be with home with your own children? A business that can give you the ultimate freedom in life?

Here is the link to Terry Petrovick’s blog. I trust that his story can inspire you to ask yourself tough questions.

If you are the boss, do you honestly have the time freedom to do things you like to do in life?

Here is Tom Challan’s Network Marketing story – about owning a successful Network Marketing business and ‘having a life’!

Sharing Time

Do you have a successful stay-at-home story to share?

If you are in Network Marketing, do you have any more success tips for stay-at-home mums?

We are here to share insights. If you feel that this post is helpful for others, please share on other social media platforms. Thanks!

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