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Hi, It has been nearly a month since I have joined Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Success School (TESS). I’d like to share with you insights and success tips that you would not want to miss if you do feel that Network Marketing (Multilevel Marketing or MLM) is the way for you to earn an additional stream of income or to pave the way for a career change.

If you have missed my last blog post, I encourage you to read it first. You can click here for the article. Most people, when they can see a much brighter future ahead, they would be happy to invest some time and energy consistently for just a few years into building a successful distribution organization that can pay them for the rest of their life.

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4 Simple Steps to Success

As most leaders shared, to succeed in Network Marketing is simple.

I’d say, it involves these 4 simple steps:

1) Decide to join a MLM company (of your choice) and DECIDE to be successful
2) Learn the pitfalls and skills required to avoid complicating the success journey
3) Have a Game Plan (of daily action) AND implement the activities towards achieving your goal
4) Teach others how to repeat the simple steps

In the coming blogs, I will be sharing success tips in these 4 areas. Of these, No.1 is the most important factor. Most people will not stick to steps No.2, 3 or 4 if they do not have a strong reason for doing MLM.

Are you a Serious Player?

For a serious team member, the desired outcome could be to retire their spouse so that he need not stay in the stressful job any more. For others, the goal could be to ensure that they will spend their retirement years in healthy shape – both physically and financially. Or, for young parents, it could mean not having to worry about paying for children’s future education.
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As leaders, we come across all sorts of ‘reasons’ from team members who may come up with their own ‘valid’ reasons for not focusing or moving forward. These ‘reasons’ are excuses dressed up in fancy clothes. I good mentor must be able to help the team member to re-evaluate their priorities.

For example, a team member who said that she would like to retire her husband. Is that still important to her? If yes, Where could she find the extra time and energy to go for her goal? The mentor’s role is to use questions to help her to see that ‘too busy’ is a not a valid reason when the goal is still important for her.

Likewise, it is easy for a potential team leader to slip back to some not-quite-established habits. It is again the mentor’s role to ask questions – to ensure that the goal for having a healthier retirement is something that he or she is still willing to put in time and effort to pursue.

Most parents would like to see that the children’s education fees taken care of with no debt or stress. How many mums and dads are really serious about that? When they say they are serious but are having challenges along the way, the obstacle is often in the mind. The mentor must be able to challenge the team member’s self limiting belief that ‘all these is too hard’ is NOT serving them well.
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When they vision is clear, nothing in MLM is hard when there is a success game plan to follow.

Top Earner Success School (TESS) Insight No. 1 – Be a strong leader.

The voting period has lapsed for the TESS Contest for Week 1. However, I’d still love to share with you this important success tip should you want to be a great leader.

Click here for the video.

If you are new to this MLM profession or just exploring, make sure that you are aware that the FIRST STEP to success is to DECIDE to be successful.
Find great products or services to promote. Stay on track with a great mentor. Do the tasks consistently. Get paid!

The choice to join or not to join this amazing profession is yours, of course!

Stay tuned for more success tips from TESS!

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