Top Earner Success School – More Insights on Closing

In my last blog, I shared with what I have learned from Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Success School (TESS). Here, I am about to share another success tips relating to ‘closing’.

What is closing really?

In traditional sales, it means asking for the sale after the initial contact and subsequent presentation or demonstration. While there are still salespersons who use sales techniques to manipulate the potential customer’s decision making process, those techniques are becoming less and less effective.

Let’s face it, today’s consumers are wise. They have access to plentiful of information through various resources. They also have plenty of options. They are to do their own research and arrive at an informed choice themselves after reviewing the information available.

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The Numbers’ Game

Most people, when they hear that they can work hard in MLM for just a few years and retire, they get excited. They get even more excited when they understand that the type of income that comes in is a passive income stream,, not the type of income that they need to work actively in exchange for the salary/wages.

We all know that some people are simply not the type who are to make wise decision for their activities when it comes to taking action. You know what I mean…. there are always people who prefer to sit in front of the TV than picking up the phone and connect with others.

Likewise, there are always people who feel too uncomfortable to do follow up calls because they perceive ‘closing’ as unpleasant. Why? As long as they are prospecting, they WILL face ‘objection’ – a “No” to the products or business opportunity.

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Most Network Marketing (also known as Multilevel Marketing or MLM) trainers teach about the importance of a prosperity mindset in general. Many trainers focus on the mindset relating to prospecting. That is, when approaching our potential customers or business partners, there is a clear understanding that the other person may not be at a stage of wishing to change to the products or services that the MLM provides. Nor is it always the case that they are ready for some kind of change in their life direction.

An ordinary task-focused network marketer would focus on swiftly going through a lot of people so as to seek out those who are ready – for the products or the business opportunity.

More Than ‘Just” Closing

What I love about what Ray shares is the philosophy behind this ‘closing’ process:

When we know in our heart that our business opportunity can change the prospect’s future for the better, we are constantly sharing a GIFT with other.

Some see the chance to turn their life around and join the community. We feel great knowing that there is hope for this new team member now that she is a the right team environment for success.

Will she fail? Absolutely, when she herself fails to take full responsibility of the learning and action steps, she is not going to achieve her dream life.

Will she succeed? Absolutely, when she fully embraces every chance to do personal development (to secure a prosperity mindset), the rest are pieces of cake!

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How hard is it to share web links with others?

How hard it is to invite others to attend in information webinar?

How hard is it to ask friends for a decision after they have reviewed information through CDs, DVDs, an information pack or a book?

TESS Success Tips

When we have had the chance to connect and present but not able to enrol the person into our team community, we fail to help the person to get to a better life outcome as expressed by them.

When we focus on wanting to help the prospects, the energy is different. The person is not just a number. We do our best to relate the message of hope.

The outcome? It is not really up to us to control, is it?

I trust this help!

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