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Dear awesome friends!

It has been a while that I blogged about Network Marketing and success mindset.

I’d like to re-start blogging at least 3 times a week so that many more people can REALLY get to know how Network Marketing can be done in the RIGHT way, without having to annoy friends or relatives.

In fact, great friendships will evolve as you build your Network Marketing business professionally along side with many like-minded friends!

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I have quite a bumpy start in this industry in 2003 but I am grateful that I have always been willing to learn. I am also grateful that I now have a passion-driven and educated mentor, Dr. Dale Gerke,  who is helping me with this Success Journey

The GOOD news is – I am now blessed to be in a position that can guide others to avoid the mistakes. ANYONE who chooses to learn the RIGHT skills, use the right tools and mentor, Success is Totally Predictable.

The BAD news is – Network Marketing success is NOT something that we can achieve overnight. It typically takes 3-5 years’ consistent effort to get to a decent income. Those without a strong reason for staying in the business will quit.

Crazy Zombie Businessman With Dynamite Explosives


YOU CERTAINLY do not have to fail when you CHOOSE to learn & earn!

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What if a stay-at-home mum CHOOSES to start owning her home-based business…. so that she can bring in another income stream for the family? Do you think it may help with reducing the financial stress for the family?

What if a working mum or dad CHOOSES to design a 3-5 year plan so that they can finally be with the kids and NOT having to leave them at day care centre anymore? What about leaving a job that he or she hates?

What if busy and successful business owners can be healthier, have more vitality and be more productive AND … at the same time, bringing more positive cashflow by helping others to be healthy as well?

I truly believe that the Network Marketing PROFESSION is one of the best business models for attaining TRUE WORK-LIFE BALANCE for families.

Until today, it is one of the best kept secrets!

Big Secret

 To re-engage you, I’d love to invite you to this upcoming webinar that is to be hosted by me on 30 March @ 8pm Sydney time.

I understand that it is a short notice. Please register even if you cannot attend the webinar on that evening. All people who have registered will be getting the webinar replay.

Click here for the link to register.

If you find this blog helpful, please help others by sharing with them!

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0413 318 318

Queen of Hearts

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