Where do I begin in MLM?

In my last blog, I mentioned the importance of the right mindset and support line in doing mlm successfully. Presuming that you have the right mindset now,’ Where do I begin?’ maybe your big question.

If you are already in a good mlm company AND you know that you have the right mindset, the next important step is for you to get a ‘tested, proven and duplicatable system’. My experience and observation tell me that you will most likely be doing one of these 4 things:

  1. you are determined to succeed and work hard to create your own system – have it tested, proven and have it rolled out to your whole team,
  2. you research what kind of systems are out there and then adjust and refine those to make a unique one that suits your team culture,
  3. you go upline for advice….sometimes, you may have to go to the upline’s upline’s upline, etc…. until you get to successful leader to model what they do,
  4. you  research the existing systems and simply follow the foot steps of the creator(s) of the system

For many network marketers, option No. 3 seems to be the most logical and simplest way to go. However, very sadly, many people can be trapped in options No.1 or 2.  People who are already successful in their own field would usually be the ones that would fall into this trap. Although I started learning from Dani Johnson (through the home study programs) since 2006, it was not until about 5 years later that I really understood the meaning of ‘The Ego Trip’ mentioned so often by her!

So, what is this ‘Ego Trip’? In essence, she is saying that mlm is a profession that needs SPECIFIC skills. She argues that it is best to learn from the experts who have had the results that you would like to have and be 100% coachable so that you can have the exact results.

I am now following Options 3 and 4 … and know for sure that this is much better than re-inventing my own wheels and have my own system which yields less efficient results.

I hope my tripping over my own ego can assist you and save months and possibly years of your most important asset (TIME, not money)!

Note: In my next post, I shall be talking about why I have chosen 2 options instead of one. Stay tuned.

Viola Tam, Your MLM Success coach


Queen of Hearts

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