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Are you exploring Network Marketing as a way to generate extra income?

Are you looking for a mentor for success in Network Marketing?

Are you searching for an experienced sponsor who has gone through the challenges in Network Marketing and can show you a RIGHT way of doing Network Marketing?

Are you concerned about the pitfalls in Network Marketing and would not want to fall into the 97% group who failed miserably?

Do you want a sponsor who is there to answer all the questions that you may have and guide you to success?

If you answer”yes” to any of the above questions, I encourage you to book a 20-minute consultation with me. This will give us a chance to know each other a bit better.

You can then decide if there might be a fit between what our team has to offer and what do you want. Please be assured that I would not persuade you or ‘pitch’ you into my business. This is not my style of doing business. I am not going to “sell” you anything. I am to serve you and answer any questions that you may have.

I believe that none of us would want to waste our precious time, right?

I trust that you will do your own research and due diligence when it comes to making a decision on developing an additional stream of income.

The next step is yours to decide.



1. Modere (Australia)  – Manufacturer of safe Personal Care, Skincare, Home Care and premier Nutritional Supplements – in tablet and liquid forms. Also available is our well-researched nutritional weight management system – ‘FitChoice’ Phase 1, 2 and 3.

I am passionate about educating people about toxin-free products as safer alternatives to the many other brands in the marketplace.

My husband and I work as a team in this business. So is my mentor Dr. Dale Gerke and his wife, Robyn. Achieving success is much easier with Dr. Gerke’s online training and marketing system. Check out more here.



This business can be done 100% online. However, the traditional face-to-face networking and referral still work well.

Some business partners choose to do ‘Modere Social‘ which is a modern version of the more traditional ‘home parties’ where the business person (called ‘Distributor’) need to run around for product delivery. With ‘Modere Social’, each attendee open an account for FREE and start with a $10 off in their first purchase (of over $50). Customers then continue to enjoy more ‘shopping dollars’ as they accumulate more points.

With the ‘Share the Love‘ initiative, happy customers share their favourite products and earn even more shopping dollars!

For those who wish to embrace the traditional way of doing this business, we encourage the sharing of information prior to any meet up. We DO hold regular meetings in the major states in Australia to support team members locally.


There is ample opportunity for developing other markets globally as we roll out the ‘Social Retail’ business model.

At this stage, Modere’s Social Retail is in the USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Europe…. with many more countries to come!



You can find out more about our company mission and product ranges by clicking here.

We also have this website to give you an overview about our team’s Professional Network Marketing approach which allows us to stand out from the crowd! Click here for more information.





Mobile: (614) 13 318 318

Skype: tam.viola


For request for a FREE Consultation, please quote “FREE Consultation” as the subject line.

You may also want to request for a copy of mt mentor’s eBook “New Ways To Succeed”. Quote “FREE eBook” as subject line please.

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